Quick question - Ready to get up to speed - should I just get Performer

I’m currently on Solo. So far I’ve just used one song with 9 VST’s I’m playing loaded, no external effects chains or embedded racks etc. I now want to setup externa VST effects chains that change for different songs. Ironically it appears things might be simpler if I upgrade to Performer before putting in the learning effort for racks, bindings etc.

Hi Doug

When I decided to pull the trigger on performer, I gained everything I needed for performance, whether solo, duo, 4-piece, 7-piece, etc. The advantages of performer over solo is immense, and I never regretted it. Even if I did solo gigs again, I would need the advantages of performer. It would only make sense to start building with performer on the scale you are describing.


It depends on what you want to do, but I could not imagine being without Performer and all the flexibility it gives.

Hi Derek, a good example of the kind of cool things I would like to do just came up in a thread. I would like to have a “live” VB3 mode where VB3 jumps to where the drawbar faders happen to be set to on my Axiom 61 when I activate VB3 instead of me needing to nudge them all to “sync” the Axiom with VB3.

Hi Doug,

I am in the same boat as @Corky and @Derek and believe that the Cantabile Performer model covers all the things that could come up for the situations music makers encounter. And more good things to come that might prove useful down the road.


Exception would be a button to press when bandmates get out of hand. Sorta like a shock collar, but now that I think about it, I think that I could set that up in C3 easily. So, I withdraw my exception and resign myself to agree with you. :grin:

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There are others here that could do it as well … but resist the urge :innocent:

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Done - I spent my VB3 money on the C3 upgrade instead :thinking:


Just in case anyone else is on the fence about upgrading from Solo to Performer - just do it. I went back and watched Brad’s videos again on states, shared racks, bindings, triggers and everything made much more sense. It’s much easier to use effects plugins in conjunction with instrument plugins.


Congrats and a wise choice that you won’t regret.

Pet Stop dog fence dropped off the collars, programmed Arduino UNO and breadboard to connect Behringer FCB1010 to collar remotes. Pedals are labeled with each band member. Now what do I do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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See the posts about “Stage Lighting”. I think they cover it pretty well.:sunglasses: