Quick Q re Aliasing and Audio outs

I sometimes use an aux out to a separate bass amp (I play left hand basslines from a keyboard) however sometimes I just use the FOH to run everything, particularly if it is a small venue…

The question is can I alias say, the main outs to the AUX (or second audio out) in C3? This would save me the hassle of having to create two versions of a song, one with the bass part out the main audio out, and another with the bass going out audio port 2…

I know aliasing can be done with MIDI inputs, not sure about audio.


It’s all about having different audio port configurations:

  • Create two different audio ports: Main Out and Bass Out
  • Create all your songs with your “big” routing, i.e. send the bass part to Bass Out and the rest to Main Out
  • Create two different configurations for Cantabile (see here)
  • in one configuration, assign the Bass Out to a separate physical output, in the other map it to the same physical outputs as your main output

Multiple Cantabile output ports can be assigned to the same physical output!

This way, you can create all your songs with the bass being sent to a separate Cantabile port, no need to manage duplicate versions. Then, at the gig, simply start Cantabile in the “big show” or in the “small venue” configuration.

I am using this principle in a different way: I have three different audio interfaces, one with a single stereo out, one with two and one with 4. I have three stereo output ports in Cantabile: Keys, Guitar, Playback. For the first interface, I assign all three ports to the single stereo output, for the second, I assign guitar & keys to the first, playback to the second pair, and with the third interface, each pair gets its own physical output - keep the sound guy happy :wink:

And since audio assignments are specific to the interface, I don’t even need different configurations for this.

Cantabile 3 is way cool :sunglasses:




Cool, thanksTorsten…that sounds (haha no pun) exactly like what I had envisioned in my head :smile:

Okay I am doing something wrong here, as I STILL need to open the song rack part for the bass vst and manually assign it the bass out port. This then needs me to save it to the song which over writes the song which means I am back to having two versions of the same song.

Hi @pax-eterna

You assign the rack to bass output port and save it like that. Then in your small show configuration you map the bass output port to the same output channels as the main port and Cantabile will mix both ports together and send to the one set of speakers. In your Big show configuration you map bass port to the different audio channels on your audio device.

Make sense?


yeah I think so Brad haha! So the song is saved once, but is used in two different configurations…the one used being whichever config shortcut is used.

When doing the configs I noticed when opening the new one that C3 is back to the “newly installed” state, is that correct? I sorta thought it may use the existing background data.

Anyway I’ll go and try it again.



Well, you could simply copy your existing configuration to a new file and only adjust the different assignments for the bass output…

to what sort of new file Torsten? a new config file as written by Brad, or…?

Hmm, just checked; it’s actually not just one file, but a whole folder. Check at:

C:\Users\ —your user name— \AppData\Local\Topten Software

You’ll see a folder for each configuration of Cantabile:

So, in my case, you would simply copy the folder “Cantabile 3.0 (x64)” to “Cantabile 3.0 (small venue)”:

Now all your settings from your main installation would be in place when starting cantabile with

"C:\Program Files\Topten Software\Cantabile 3.0\Cantabile.exe" /config:"small venue"

No need to go back to “newly installed state” - everything is just like your main configuration. Now go ahead and make just the changes you need for your “small venue” configuration (assign all your audio out ports to one stereo pair) and exit Cantabile → everything saved.

Sorry for leading you slightly astray - assumed it was just a configuration FILE whan in fact it is a whole FOLDER for C3 configuration.




Cool, thanks Torsten I’ll get to that shortly!