Questions regarding Behringer FCB1010/Midi Footswitches

Hi everyone. I’ve read the manual for the Behringer FCB1010 maybe 3 times, and I’m still not sure I can do what I want with it. If anyone that owns one could chime in and give me a definitive yes or no, I’d appreciate it. Or if you know of another make/model device that will do this with a 5 pin DIN MIDI connector, please let me know.

I’d like to use it to to send Program Changes on MIDI channel 1 from PC1 to PC80 in a banks/groups (hit UP and DOWN to move between groups of 10) configuration. Then I would also like a bank/group where each pedal from 1-10 sends CCs on MIDI channel 1.

For instance, to start song #15 in the Cantabile set list, I’d switch to bank 2, hit pedal 5 and the song would start using PC 15, then I could switch to bank 9, and hold switch 1 to send CC1 with value 127 to Cantabile for as long as I hold down switch 1, then change to CC1 value 0 when I let go of switch 1.

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Hi Robb,

Yes, it can be done. It might be easier to set up using and editor like listed below but you would need a DIN MIDI to USB MIDI interface like an Audiobox or something like it. Managing and setting it up from the buttons on the pedal is a chore from the word I’ve heard. If you try an editor I’m hoping it works for you but I would try a short test on a few buttons to make sure it’s talking back and forth to the editor and actually writing to the memory in the pedal. Here are some offerings for free editors.

Either way the editors will show clearly that you can do what you want and have a bank that is not PG changes set aside for other CC use.


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These two videos are invaluable for understanding the FCB1010 foot pedal and the Mountain Utilities software. Here is a search for even more resources:

FCB1010 tutorial - YouTube


Thanks fellas! I ended up going with a Yamaha MFC10 controller. No one has any stock of the FCB1010 for some reason. I think it’ll do what the FCB1010 can do.

Thanks for the responses, I love this forum.



Hello Robb,
I’m using the FCB 1010 with Uno which allows you to edit FCB more flexible for your adjustments and I’m very satisfied with this.

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Thanks for the response folks. I ended up going with a Yamaha MFC10 which Amazon tried to destroy in shipping. Amazon LOVES re-boxing things, why they didn’t do that this time I’ll never know, as they sent it just in the Yamaha box it comes in. Anyway…

The MFC10 has a FUNCTION button which allows you to change the mode from PC1-128 to custom functions. I’ll be setting the function buttons to do CC1 - CC20 in non-toggle mode, which means holding the button sends value CCx:v127, releasing the button sends CCx:v0.This works perfectly for my use case, and the MFC10 is built like a tank, so I’m very happy overall.