Question re numbering system?


I have one large setlist with all songs. These go into about 5 banks. Now when I create a sub-setlist (for want of a better term), I see C3 just re-assigns the numbers back to starting from 1. Is there some way to force C3 to use the same song number no matter what setlist the song is in?



Not directly, but if you put all your songs in a master set list with the desired program numbers and then use File -> Add Songs from Another Set List it will maintain those program numbers.


Excellent, that will do nicely. Thanks Brad


hmmmm, that works to a point. Although it seems to only allow you to import and entrire setllist, not individual songs, unless I am missing something here?


Doh! I thought I’d implemented ability to select which songs to import but sometimes I forget what’s been done and what’s just an idea.

Probably not too hard to add - would anyone else find this useful?


hahaha understandable! I really hope others will find this useful… although I suspect not many select songs via MIDI Brad :wink:


I would definitely find this useful. :slight_smile:



Logged it here


Thanks Brad. Will keep an eye on it, although if it is as simple as you say hahaha! THen mebbe sooner rather than later :wink:


Me too! But I have an additional request - I would love it if it would be possible to start song numbering from 0. Because program changes run from 0-127, if I’m trying to keep things in sync it’s kind of a drag to always have to realize that program change 28 selects song 29… or 27… or something.


Heh - I’m calling that “Numerical Sequence Dyslexia” for lack of a better term. I’ve got it, for sure!!! My brain just goes into a spin - “Is that patch 30 going to patch 29 or to patch 31???” It is not difficult math, but it may be a “which came first” problem built into my internal wiring. Once I step my brain through it, I can figure it out, but it always triggers a “Now, wait a minute” moment. Gah! Silly brains!



Yep you can do this from options-general- formatting- program numbers you can set this to 1 based or 0 based :slight_smile:


Omg thanks! I’ll need to edit some stuff I already did but that’s awesome!


Build 3515 now has selective import from set list (using the same “Add Songs from Another Set List”).