Question on how you use States and Show Notes

In addition to other plugins, I’m using S-Gear for guitar, and have been using C2 Solo for a few years, but I’m about to move to C3. Read up and watched the video on States. I want to have one button on a midi controller simply advance through the states within a song… i.e. I may have 5 different presets required, and each has a different plug in effect like delay or whatever. S Gear is currently limited on preset management, so the only way I can do that now is to arrange the 5 presets in order, plus I have to go forward and backward thru my presets for verses or choruses that repeat. Just a single press would be a game changer for me.

I know States are designed exactly for this, but will it require multiple instance of S-Gear to do that? I need to avoid that… it’s a long story and I get weird conflicts with more than 2 instances, sometimes even with just 2. Also, what about CPU resources… how does C3 compare to C2?

Also, on Show Notes, is the window undockable and able to be custom sized? I read the thread Brad started in January, a lot of good ideas. Fortunately, at this point I only need a single “page” note for an entire song, that stays up throughout the song. So I guess I could just copy the note to each State?

Many thanks!

I use S-gear (and other amp sims).

That is very easy to do. Just have to assign binding from button to state change. I do this in nearly all my songs. As far as S-Gear, there is no need for multiple instances of the plugin. Changing states would accomplish a preset change. A simple S-Gear rack would make that possible.
Couldn’t tell you the comparison between C2 and C3, but C3 has a new engine and is probably much better at everything. Show notes, for me, is great for lyrics, song maps, and song setup info. They are a great feature.

When you decide to pull the trigger on C3, and need help, you can always get help on the forum, or feel free to PM me. Also, search the forum for many great topics.



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That’s exactly what I am doing - I only need one pedal anymore; no more step-dancing…

No need for multiple instances of S-Gear - simply create different plugin presets in Cantabile (not S-Gear presets! - I mean the preset field at the top of the plugin window), then simply use song states to switch S-Gear presets. Then a binding from whatever controller you use to “Song States → Next State (Instant)” will switch through song states.

What you should consider is using separate reverb and delay plugins outside S-Gear to avoid having reverb / delay tails cut off by switching presets.

You don’t need to do that - simply remove the state behavior tick mark at “Text” - then your note text will be independent of song state and saved with the song.




That’s good news, many thanks Corky! Are the Show Notes able to be resized and undocked, so it’s off to one side and always on top? Thanks!

BTW have you tried the new Overloud TH-U? A lot of people rave about it… but I’m so deep into S-Gear with a ton of songs completely tweaked to perfection, that making the change would take some time.

No on undocking(that I’m aware of)…resize ? Somewhat, but probably not to the extreme you want.

Yes. I really like it. I am a big fan of the Overloud sims. Very easy on CPU, easy to get a tone. TH-U could be a game changer IMHO. Also a big fan of Bias, but it is not CPU friendly. Bias 2 looks great with a new engine, and Guitar Match. I’ve not had time to try it, but plan to soon. I am excited about it, and have great expectations. Many of the others are mostly “meh”. I downloaded Klevgrand Stark to try. It sounds interesting, but another I’ve yet to try. I still use Amplitube occasionally, as well as many others, but TH3 is very dominant in my gigging rig. I am sure TH-U will be trying to take over those spots.

Very possible, but, like I do, slowly incorporate any new sims. I find it’s very nice to have several sims available when that favorite doesn’t quite dial in properly. Of course, there is the matter G.A.S. and the $$$$. I pulled the trigger this morning on new gear stuff…$200. It never ends. :wink:

I totally hear you on the $$$ never ending.:grinning: But we must have our toys! That’s true, incorporating slowly is good too. Well, first I need to get into C3. Many thanks for the insights, Corky!

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Thanks Torsten! Yeah, I already use separate verb/delay in C2. Great, appreciate the tips!