Question: Interface for Live Gig Use w /VST/plugins


Thanks Chuck, for the information … :grinning:



It was a toss-up between MOTU and the Babyface. More research on blogs revealed a lot more people having technical issues even with the “current” Ultralite MK4 model and lack of support, so …yesterday evening a put in an order with AMS for the Babyface Pro. Thank you to everyone for helping me out with this. Although I have been seriously wrestling with this for the past 4 weeks, I have been contemplating this purchase for over a year now. NOW I CAN RELAX!!


I’m using behringer interfaces for years and never had an issue. I don’t need any processing, though. I got a xair 12 for my IEM mix. That allows me to apply processing on the way out to FOH if needed and I can apply different processing to my monitor mix. Same with the monitor feed i’m getting.


I’ll receive the 8i6 directly from Focusrite as soon as it’s available. I’ll do latency-measurements and report back here: