Question how to format a sysex block


in this format the sysex works but it is not good to read in the monitor

…is there a way to sign the midi editor that F7 automaticaly does a line break/ return


The MIDI Monitor doesn’t support multi-line entries, so that’s not really easy to add. Also, the monitor only shows the first 16 bytes… that’s a limitation I should probably fix. Perhaps a right click “Show full data bytes” command that popups a window…



that could be very usefull for me :smiley:


This will be in the next build…


That’s very cool … soo fast !! many thanks

…do you think you can also add a option to this monitor that makes a line break like this?..

F0 … F7
F0 … F7
F0 … F7

because sometimes it makes sense to send some Values in one block and not with many different bindings one behind the other.
Then it would be great to have a view like this …

in this case you mostly have at first the machine number and then the important values,… so the machine nr. would be everytime the first and thats better to read.

…you can see (in my example) first post that the 5 five values in this case are identical and only the last are important for me so the second list (editor) is neatly arranged


Yeah, I can probably add that. I’ll try to remember it before the next build.


Great! …many Thanks :smiley:



Out standing!!!


3571 available now has this.