Question for anyone using UVI libraries with Cantabile

I’m trying to see if anyone else if having a similar problem with Cantabile and UVI libraries that have preset loading and saving within the library that calls up Windows Explorer. This is also happening when saving a UVI MULTI that calls up the Explorer Window. For example: Asteroid, Soul Bass and Percussion Factory all have buttons for loading and saving presets & sequences within the library window. These call up the Explorer Window BUT as of the latest updates of either Cantabile or UVI, once you open the Explorer Window it does not allow typing or cancelling THOUGH if you have an existing file to load or save over, then you can double click it with the mouse to select it and the window will close. Otherwise, there is no way out of the window other than to force quit Cantabile. This does not happen with UVI running in Ableton Live so I believe the problem points to a Cantabile and UVI mismatch of some sort. Can anyone else test this to corroborate? Thanks.