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Hello. I am kinda new to keyboard and will have a live performance in a couple of months. My setup is a roland go keys keyboard that controls cantabile on a laptop. The headphone out of the laptop is used to send the audio to the mixing. I was unable to hear myself a few times. How can I double the audio output so I can hear myself with earphones at the same time?
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There are several ways to do that. Since you are using the audio out jack, you could use a splitter, and run the 2nd line to a headphone amp (usually around $50.00 U.S.) Or, you can use the mixer’s outputs (if there are multiple outputs) to run to a headphone amp, similar to a monitor mix. There are many other ways, but this would be the easiest and less expensive.
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If you have a recent laptop it might have a USB C port. I found that the little USB C to 3.5mm headphone input dongles that come with some phones work with Windows 10. If you happen to have both try routing the audio for headphones out that.

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