Question about the Global Rack

I’m wondering where the global rack is saved. I have Cantabile installed on two computers and wanted to copy all my created songs (and the global rack settings) to the second pc, but the global rack is missing.
Wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a file for it saved in the rack folder where the other racks are saved? Or at least some kind of global rack subfolder. That would give us the opportunity to save multiple global racks and to switch between them (i.e. for different bands with different settings)

Greetings, Tom

mine’s at C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Topten Software\Cantabile 3.0 (x64)\Global Rack.cantabileRack

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Yep, it’s saved in the settings folder, which you can find by Options -> Diagnostics -> Open Settings and Log File Folder.

Related follow-on question. I have Cantabile running on two identical machines (redundant backup), which I keep synced using Dropbox, and so obviously I would want the Cantabile global rack to be synced also. If I change this settings folder to a common synced folder in Dropbox, could this cause problems? In other words, can two Cantabile installations share all of the files in this folder safely?

Feels to me like the global rack maybe should live in the same place as “normal” racks, or else have a setting explicitly for choosing the global rack location, in Options->Songs. Or even allow the global rack to be specified as a parameter stored in the setlist.

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Yes, this is exactly what i would prefer!

Hi Neil,

Not really, although the settings are typically tied to the hardware you have connected, but if you have the same setup on each machine I can’t see why this would cause problems.

How would you do this?

That’s reasonable - logged it


I’d go to Options->Diagnostics->Open Settings and change the Log File Folder to a location in Dropbox, on both machines.

Hi Neil,

Except, that’s not what that button does. It just opens the folder - you can’t actually move it (except by some tricky file linking maybe).


Of course, you’re right…I wrote that post while I was at work, away from Cantabile, working from memory. So yes, not apparently possible currently to do this kind of syncing in any easy way.

+1 on being able to choose location of global rack - need to sync settings for it across my three Cantabile machines (studio, live and live backup).



Coming soon…


Hi Brad,

Does this mean we can name the global file any name? Just being sure.

“DavesAwesomeDoEverythingFunkyRack.cantabileRack” should work just fine.

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Ok, another question… since you can place the global rack file with your other rack files and now can have multiple global rack files what would happen if you loaded an unused global rack file into a regular slot by accident? Should there be or is there a safety mechanism for this scenario?

It should just work. In fact you should be able to include the global rack in a song and route to/from it if you wanted to.

So it’s about the global slot or the regular slot not the rack. Interesting… Thanks Brad

Build 3106 available now has the option to set the global rack location.