Question about Rack-Volume-Slider / Bindings

is it possible to have a binding to the Mainslider of a rack?

Problem is: I have a Rack for my LED’s on my Keyboardstand and the Idea was to use the Slider as Dimmer.

For some slow Songs it Looks good when it’s not totaly swiched off but dimmed down.

so normaly I have to insert the linked Rack and then always I have to link the slider on Songlevel but is there a way to Import the rack and automaticaly work with the slider (binding from inside the rack?)?

Hi @Juergen,

Currently this isn’t possible but it’s been asked for at least once before.

What you’re describing though is really a workaround for a bigger feature like this.


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Hi @brad,

is there no easy way you could add an item inside the Rackbindings

Source Rack – Trigger Gain

no way ???

or a function inside the rack that is directly corresponding to the main-rack-slider???

Why don’t you put the rack inside the background rack? So it’s loaded all the time and you only need to create the binding once. Or did I miss something?

Thanks for the Idea but this case makes no sense because then
i have always to go to the backgroundrack if i will change the values or select the rackstates

….then also I could use the rack internal gainsliders …and jump always inside the rack (Input/Output-Port)

the easyest way is to use the slider directly in the song so I have always to copy the binding for my existing Songs…
(and to erase if I change anything in future )

I think I still do not understand what you want to achieve …

if I need the specific Rack in a Song i would copy the linked Rack directly into the song (1.step)

then I have to bind the Rack-Gain-Slider to the specific Controller (2.step) ----> that only works on song Level

……so I think it would be better in this case If I also could bind the slider to a specific Controller but to do this

so it would be only one step to Insert the Rack and it works and also if I Change something in the Rack I have only one binding to Change and not each song….

Hi @Juergen,

I’ve logged this and will take a look at it soon.


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