Question about Program Change messages


First off, please forgive me if this question has already been answered elsewhere (but please point me in the right direction!) or if this is just a stupid question because it’s too early in the day after a gig the night before that didn’t go so well!

I am using the Program Change buttons on my controller to move to the Next Song and Song State by having Bindings in my Global Rack between Songs and Song State. But I don’t want the Program Change messages to go to any of my plugins (unless I specifically create a Binding to make that happen).

What is the default behavior? Do those messages get passed to the Plugins? And if so, can I keep that from happening?


Normally, they should be passed to the plugins, but you can filter them out, either at the plugin or at the route level.

Right-click the respective route (from main keyboard to the plugin or rack) or on the plugin, then choose MIDI Filters, then click the Add button, select Suppress Events, then tick the box for “Program Change”.

Now, program change events will be removed from the route or blocked from entering the plugin.




This area has changed between v2 and v3.

In v2 matched controller assignments were suppressed - and it was a pain to get them to pass through. In v3 matched controller assignments aren’t suppressed and often end up causing effects like those described.

Would it be worth adding an option to bindings to suppress on match?



I would certainly take advantage of such an option, as that is the behavior I would prefer. (I do understand the desire to change the default behavior, however.)

If that ends up being too much work or too low of a priority for this release, at least I should have a workaround of going through and suppressing these messaging at the rack level. (I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds like it should work.)


Thanks Roland - noted it here: