Question about Novation Impulse keyboard

I have a Novation Impulse 61. I’ve owned it about 9 years, but for the past two years it hasn’t been used. The last time I used it, no problems. Since then it’s been undisturbed in its softcase under my bed. I pulled it out of the case tonight, plugged in the USB cable and immediately saw the expected information on the screen. After about 3 seconds, the screen died. Every time I plugged it in, got the same behavior. I’ve tried another keyboard using the same USB cable- no problems.

I’m wondering if this keyboard will serve any purpose henceforth other than a very large door stop. It’s well out of warranty and I’m not particularly adventurous or knowledgeable when it comes to taking off the cover and poking around.


If it’s genuinely dead then about the only thing you can do is sell it for parts.

If you go that way then let me know. I have an old Impulse that’s awaiting a few replacement keys, so I’d be interested in hopefully making one working keyboard out of two broken ones.

After that I’d give it to our local school, as I’ve long since replaced mine with better alternatives.