Question about Media Player Features

I should probably just download the trial version to see all the features, but thought I’d just ask the question here first. From the demo videos, I can’t tell, when using the media player, can you change pitch and tempo of imported MP3’s. The video mentioned time stretching would be available in an upcoming update.

I use Helix Native, and am looking for a good VST loader, instead of just using a DAW, as Helix Native doesn’t have a stand alone version.

But, I’m also looking for a practice tool to play along with MP3’s to be able to slow down, change pitch and set loop points in songs. Not sure if Cantabile would be the best use for this. But I can see as a VST loader, it looks pretty powerful!

I use many different amp sims. Helix Native loads very quickly and is very stable in Cantabile. It is also low on CPU usage, unlike many others. I am not really impressed with the stock sounds of Helix, but, again, like many others, you have to learn how to tweak things to your liking. You can change pitch and speed of MP3’s. Go to the Media Player editor.

Hope this helps


Hi Bennet

See here about using media players:

And here for update to support time and pitch shifting:


Thanks for the info! I’ll download the trial and try it out!!

Corky…I agree that the presets in helix native aren’t the best. Having spent some time with the helix floor hardware dialing in tones, using Impulse Responses (IR’s) instead of the stock cabs helps. But the stock cabs can be dialed in using different mic options, and adding an EQ block after the Cab Block and cutting the highs and lows really helps a lot!!!

Yeah, like I said, most of these sims need tweaking. Don’t know why a lot of these developers spend so much time making fairly accurate sims, but put lousy presets on them. I like Bias, but many of their presets are on 10 gain out of the box. They have to be tweaked to be usable. Bias is a terrible cpu hog, so effects are few on my rig. I use S-gear, Revalver, and I am becoming very comfortable with TH3 as it is less on cpu. As I said above, Helix and Cantabile are very compatible, so you should really enjoy it.