Question about Korg Wavestation

So after the nice people here, who are also serious and respected gigging keyboardists, convinced me to open my mindset, and not to chase the most contemporary\realistic sounds, and instead just to look for something the work out in the mix, I’m going to buy some Korg plugins.
M1 is for sure, just wanted to ask about Korg Wavestation- I did not understand whether it is a synth like synth synth or is it also a rompler with some semi realistic sounds?
General purpose semi realistic brass and strings, are those included in Wavestation?

A ROMpler at heart, but a very cool one.

Better for basic strings than a D-50, and also has the pretty bells and digital-style electric pianos.

For brass and strings, M1 or Xpand!2. Wavstation for pads atmospheres (mostly).

I’ve had the original Wavestation since 1994, an SR Rack since 1998, and now also have the Korg VSTi. I use at LEAST two of them in almost every piece! It really is nice for a bed that other sounds sit on, and it is masterful at spacey pads that flow and have lots of movement.

Some of the lead sounds are really classics, with morphing, swirling motion when you hold a note! :slight_smile:

Anyway - it will be the one of the best $50 you ever spent (and $25 if you wait for one of their half-off sales.)


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Wavestation causes some random and non-reproducible crashes on my system. M1 runs rock solid!

Interesting! I’ve been using it for three years and never had a crash I could attribute to the Wavestation VST, so that comes as quite a surprise hearing that. I use it for every single show in multiple sets, pretty much. (Just started using M1 also - though had it equally as long!)


OK I bought them both, I’m going to give it a first try shortly.
But, Help!
Where is the Locking Code of the products?!
I want to download the expansions from

I bought it from this website:
And not from
Does it mean I can’t get access for the expansions??
Numb and all…

Lucky you! :wink: a friend of mine also has some trouble with it. It seems that we can not do a general statement if a plugin works or not. Seems to highly depend on the system.

Played now three gigs without problems … so it’s kind of strange. Crashs only occur on loading the plugin. So if I preload my setlist and it loads fine, I can play the wavestation without any problems.

Btw: I find it quite hard to search for sounds in the wavestation. There is not category search, right? Or do I overlook it?

Never had any issues with Wavestation either but I don’t think I’ve ever run it in C3, only Sonar (different computer).

OK I downloaded it from here:

Instead of

It was really tough to find this page!

Patch organization does suck with Wavestation. I just made my own bank of favorites.

I use a custom Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol preset browser from here:

Worth every penny! (very cheap!)

But then again, I have two Komplete Kontrol instruments, and a Maschine Jam, so this is useful to me as a browser.


I’m a little late to the debate, but agree with all of the comments above. It is great for subtle evolving pads, or hard rhythmic sequences that we quite unique at the time.

Tony Banks (Genesis) was a heavy Wavestation user and you can actually hear quite a few Wavestation presets in the “We Can’t Dance” album. When the Genesis did the Turn it on Again tour in 2007, he used two OASYS boards and a Wavestation.

One reason for me purchasing my Korg Kronos was because the HD-1 engine supports wave sequencing. One enterprising user has recreated all of the Wavestation factory presets.

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