Question about global (background) rack

How would I disengage a global rack binding for a particular song?

Hi Lee,

What binding is it? You should be able to suppress control messages in your song using some of the midi filters and effectively override the global setting. I have not done this but it should be possible.

[quote=“dave_dore, post:2, topic:434”]
What binding is it?
[/quote] I’ve dedicated 3 sliders (cc 41-43) to act as gain controls for racks 1, 2 and 3 of each song.

Hi Lee,

I’ve been thinking more on this and I think the best way to help with this case use would be to use the states on the global rack to acheive this. (a normal state and an exception state). The catch is the background (global) rack does not save on a song basis (I think). Maybe @brad can pipe in on this and maybe there’s a work around.

An observation about the global rack. If I make a change, then a little astrix appears beside the global rack icon in the upper left corner. When I press Ctrl S, the little astrix does not disappear as it does when working on a normal rack. Yet the global rack changes save.

follow up question:

If I set an global binding to control gain of Rack #1, and I have a mix of a couple of racks and plugins within the song, Rack #1 can be anywhere in the list of objects for that song, and as long it’s the first rack encountered, the binding will work. Is that correct? For example, a song which contains (in order listed) Plugin 1, Plugin 2, Rack 1, Rack 2 will yield the same results as if the song contents are listed as: Rack 1, Plugin 1, Plugin 2, Rack 2


Yes that is the case Lee…

Hi Lee.

I just tried this here and it seemed to work. I’m wondering - do you have any plugins loaded into your background rack?


no plugins, just some bindings referring to rack and song states