Question about bindings to mediaplayer (tempo)

Yesterday I
tried to set the tempo of a mediaplayer playing only midifiles with the
following binding:

Metronome (Tempo ) --> Mediaplayer (Tempo)

The problem
is, that I think the mediaplayer only scales the tempo as it is ok for audio files, because I can alter the target range only from 0.1 to 2.5.

@Brad, is
that correct? If so, I have no problem, because my midi file is at 100bpm, so I can easily scale it to the correct tempo.

Of course
that is not an ideal solution :wink: so here is a suggestion:

Perhaps you should think about splitting mediaplayers into audioplayers and midiplayers. I think that would make things much clearer when it comes to bindings and it could give more control to the user. What do you think?


…I should mention that I am aware of the sync mode (musical) feature which solves my problem for mediaplayers directly in my songs and not inside racks, but I liked the idea of splitting mediaplayers to audio- and midiplayers and wanted to share it :wink:
I think also with that binding I mentioned above you can do a workaround to sync mediaplayers inside racks (at least the correct tempo)

HI @Siggin0er

Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure about splitting the media player, but perhaps improving it to be better controlled via bindings.

One thing that’s come up a couple of times is being able to adjust the media player’s speed by BPM rather than Percentage. The problem with this is that MIDI files might have different tempos and different positions but perhaps a binding that lets you increase/decrease/adjust the tempo using BPM by calculating the required percentage based on the tempo at the current position.