Putting Cantabile into AutoStart? Experiences?


Hey people,

I’d like to know if someone already tried to put Cantabile into AutoStart. Does this work reliable?
I would like to build a keyboard without a screen… though it would be important that it works :wink:



Yes, I’ve got it on autostart for all my Cantabile only computers. Works like a charm. But I never tried it without a screen. Things can always go wrong - maybe once you forget to plug in your soundcard before startup; then you are f* without a screen.


I have a dedicated Cantabile laptop, so yes, I have it start automatically. I don’t know how it would work without a screen. How would you open a setlist or a song that is not already opened?


To prevent issues on headless machines, you might want to set the options about saving files to either “Yes” or “No” instead of prompt:


Also, in Options -> Diagnostics, turn on “Don’t check for clean shutdown” to prevent the crash recovery dialog from appearing:



Hmmm. Good idea. Perhaps a switch on the startup line? Something like -noprompt or -livemode ?

That way you could have the settings to prompt and save in the studio or rehearsal, but in a performance situation a different startup shortcut would make sure to start without prompts, etc. It wouldn’t be too difficult with a different profile, even without the switch.


Nice idea. Logged it.