Pure Synth Platinum?

Has anyone tried this app? I have the iPad version. Lots of sounds and many of them very good quality. I’m sure the VST version’s sounds are higher quality.

One reason I ask is that I’m looking for some alternative pads to those in M1. M1 has many useable patches, although some of them are sounding a little long in tooth. Most of the patches I use are background for piano, with an occasional moving pad to break up the monotony. I also own Air Hybrid and Xpand-2. Seems like that would be enough but I’m always looking for things that might be newer and better.


I don’t have it. The stuff from Gospel Musicians sounds great on demos. But under my hands it was a huge disappointment. I have FM tines… I don’t use it.

If you’re looking for basic warm pads I personally prefer virtual analog over sample based, e.g. even PolySix over M1, or Arturia’s Matrix 12 or something like that. If you want the “airy” or “moving” variety without incurring big processor load (e.g. Omnisphere) perhaps Roland Cloud or Korg’s new Triton VST will make for a sensible upgrade?

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Yep i do have it…