Purchasing update subscription for Cantabile 3 Performer

Hi all, I searched around but couldn’t seem to find the answer - my license for Cantabile Performer expired sometime last month and I need to purchase another year. I can’t find any link to actually purchase it to renew either through the app itself, or on the website.

Is there a page that details how this is done or where I navigate to in order to purchase this, or do I have to email you Brad in order to actually purchase an extension? I went to my Account page on the website and am not seeing any link to purchase, and none in the About or Help menus that I can find (though I might be missing it). Thanks.


I think this is where you should go.

Not sure if this works when your license is already expired, but the “normal” procedure is this: to renew, you go to your account, then, under “your licenses” click on the license you want to prolong. Then you should see a link that says “extend subscription” - that’s the one you want.



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For anyone else who lands here, some users have reported a problem where they login to their account, click the extend subscription link but it takes them to the original purchase page with the original purchase pricing rather than the renewal pricing.

I haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing this and I’m still looking into it.

In the meantime, logging out and back in again seems to clear it.

Yes it does - you can renew your license after it’s expired - but it extends for 1 year from the old expiry date (not the date you purchase the renewal).


So in my case, as it expired early in 2018, I’d need to spend near $200 USD to get it be valid to the end of 2019? THat’s about $260 out here…nearly as much as the original software!!

BTW, sorry to resurrect a zombie thread, but it was the only one I could find on this subject…

You don’t need to spend $200. $99 will get you a full 12 months subscription from the date of purchase. Please see this post about changes to the subscription model that explain this.

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thanks Brad - I must admit I was a bit concerned. But that eases it somewhat!

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