Pseudo Presets Save As /Copy/ Rename etc

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I’d like to suggest a ‘save to’ and ‘copy’ function for Pseudo Presets.
Currently, all one can do is call up a preset. No librarian functions are available at the list. One is actually setting the plugin to its default when an empty slot is called.
What if you want to make an edit to the existing preset and have that saved to a new location without using the plugin’s own librarian?
I’d like to be able to take the plugin’s current setting, save that to a new pseudo preset slot of my choice so that a variation can be tweaked.
Also would be useful to see reintroduction of F2 / context menu to allow renaming of the current PP slot. One currently needs the GUI open and then a menu pulled down to access ‘Rename’ which is a bit of a long journey.

Logged it.

I know this is an old topic now, but I’d like to cast a vote for adding a Hot Key (F2 maybe?) to the Rename functionality for the “Psuedo Presets”. I have a number of plugins that I don’t populate the Preset menu, so I have to add my favorites manually. A quick key/hot key would make a very tedious task much quicker! Thanks!

Hi @Bobby3503

OK noted.

If you’re just trying to rename presets in the plugin editor, try Alt+F+R - that should get you to rename fairly quickly.


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That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for! Splendid!

Thanks Brad!

Hi @brad

I’d like to revive this thread because it had some reasonable support at trello and much of it got done but I was hoping we could add the ability to rename the Pseudo Presets directly in their slot fields instead of having to open the hamburger list to select “Rename” and then enter it in the separate dialog box. If the F2 key traditional renaming shortcut could be incorporated that would great too but I don’t know what the difficulty level would be. Anyone else want this feature? Please chime in if so and …





Hey Guys,

I’ve considered adding F2 for renaming presets on the main window a couple of times such that if the focus is on the preset picker it renames the preset, anywhere else it renames the plugin slot.

But… was worried that behaviour might be a bit confusing and not obvious - especially since the popup rename window would look almost identical in both cases. In-place rename (like Windows File Explorer) would make that more obvious however I need to move to the next version of GuiKit before that’s possible and that’s still a work in progress.

Perhaps a different keystroke would be better for renaming presets (Shift+F2 perhaps) which would work regardless of where focus is in the slot.


Hi Brad,

Some good ideas to try with alternate F2 shortcut and I get it on the confusion factor. We’ll see what comes about with in-place rename since it appears wrapped into other future prospects regarding the GuiKit. I appreciate the feedback, thanks.


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As the convention is that the window and field with focus gets the command, and as F2 is universally understood to be the naming button, doesn’t bringing in modifiers create confusion where attention to the action being performed is not such an awfully hard expectation?

That’s a good argument… and in that case I would probably make F2 to rename the plugin only work when focus is on the plugin name field (currently it works anywhere in the slot).

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This is implemented for the next build (3676). F2 in preset column of a:

  • plugin will rename the plugin preset
  • rack will rename the rack state
  • media player will bring up settings for the selected media file