PSA: UVI Sparkverb on sale $29 on their site

Just demoed and bought it. Has stupid low CPU usage, zero latency, very broad range of sounds, and it can hang with Exponential Audio for sound quality, imo, though it is a different sound.

Single iLok license with 3 concurrent activations.

IMO, a very strong contender for primary live use reverb (why I bought it) and strong enough to make it into projects too.

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It’s a great reverb, one of my favourites, and IMO, a no brainer at that price (which is what I got it far when it came out).

What kind of resources does it use on average, I wanted to compare it to what I use now which is Eventide’s Ultra-Reverb. Thanks

In Reaper a single instance is showing 0.2% cpu with 0 latency on this box. By comparison, Exponential’s R2 is showing about double that.

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I just checked it again in another test and was mistaken the first time I posted… it’s showing .02% not .2%… R2 is showing about .35%

I have Falcon and use SparkVerb in it, but wasn’t convinced I needed it outside of Falcon. Dan Worrall’s demo changed my mind ha ha. Oh, that, and the $29 price tag. :grinning:

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