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Have his HiVolt and DC30 both are great. And now to spend the day evaluating his Faceman, Mrh159 and BGX…


In the FWIW department, I’ve found Nembrini amp sims to generally be boomy and overly distorted. However, lowering the input gain slider and raising the output slider completely transforms them with respect to getting realistic clean to crunch transitions that respond well to guitar volume knob. The boomyness IMO is best controlled with a 3dB per octave high pass placed before the amp sim (his on-board boom control seems to be 6dB per octave post cab). This filters some bass before it ever hits it and really tightens up the low end. Unfortunately the only such animal in VST existence that I’m aware of is inside Toolchain by RS Met (Filters>Engineers Filter then choose high pass 3dB per octave and set Hz the suite). Between these two things, the final result is exceptional for a sim IMO. His IRs are much better in Faceman than earlier products imo.

The mother of all amp sims for me though, is Brainworx Suhr SE100 if you’re into Marshall 1959 sounds. The amp part was made by Nembrini and the IRs by Dirk Ulrich and team. Same story as the Faceman with respect to lowing the input vol way down (on the FX panel) and taking the output vol up (they call it power soak). It doesn’t have the farty bass issue the Faceman has (just like the real amp mind you) though, so pre filter not needed. The SE100 is the most accurate amp sim I’ve heard to date and the included IRs have some absolute gems (which I also use with Nembrini’s HiVolt). I swear this thing sounds and feels like the 1959 I played in the 70’s once I crank the input level on the FX panel way down .

Pretty much all of the Plugin Alliance amps are built by Nembrini and worth checking out if you like his work. Can be had for cheap via their “$29.99 per month plan” which allows you to cancel and re-up any time and get permanent licenses. The Ampeg bass amps were done by him (Ulrich and team did the IRs) and are all spectacular imo.