PSA: IK tape sim bundle $29 at Sweetwater at the moment

IK just sent a mass email about their tape sims for $29 each or bundle of four for $99. Sweetwater has the same bundle for $29 plus it includes NI Guitar Rig 6 LE for free (I’m guessing LE is the first step up from the free one).

If you’re into tape sims, also check out the freebies Ferric from Variety of Sound and Chow Tape Model. Both are great. I’m finding that using different ones on different tracks avoids creating a signature overtone of a single plugin used on all tracks of the mix, while still giving what is wanted from a good tape sim. Of course ymmv, jmo, etc.

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Hi @Sekim.
I don’t understand, but both VSTs are sold for $29.99?


IK’s email stated each tape sim is $29.99. Or buy the bundle of four tape sims for $99.99.

Sweetwater sells the same bundle of four tape sims for $29.99. Plus they give NI Guitar Rig 6 LE (a step up from the free version) for free when you make the purchase.

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