PSA: IK Multimedia B-3X Sale

From the Hammond aficionados here, you’ll get a resounding “YES!” :wink:

I guess the current consensus on the go-to organs is:

  • B-3 X (IK Multimedia)
  • Blue3 (GG Audio)
  • B5 Organ (Acousticsamples)
  • VB3 I and II (GSI)

Each with its own sweet spot and differences in sonic characteristics and also CPU consumption.

Once you have these figured out, you can get to spending your time actually playing them :slight_smile:



LOL, I mentioned above that “firestorm” was not the right choice of words, so no worries there! And it seems the norm around here to thoroughly discuss all tangents to a topic, so no hijack! :smile:

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I think forums should let topics develop like natural conversations do, as we do on this one.

How often do you start talking about one thing to a mate, and via a series of twists and turns, does it turn into something totally different?

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Don’t worry, I know that you were just joking around, and so was I. It’s sometimes hard to convey those subtle things in a forum.

Speaking as the king of OT, I’ve personally ruined more threads on this site than any other, and here I am doing it again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Quiet Corky, you are the kind of peace …

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While I am here, I was thinking of Quantum Computing…

I would also add that I like the combination of VB3-II and IKM Tracks5 Leslie. I find that it seems to use less CPU than B-3X. It still surprises me that, on my system, the TR5 Leslie uses about the same amount of CPU as VB3-II. I’ve recently created a binding so that I can toggle between using VB3 leslie and TR5 Leslie. When the B3 is featured prominently I use the TR5, otherwise I save CPU and use the internal VB3 sim. (NOTE: I typically am running multiple VSTs simultaneously so I need to take care with CPU usage).

Cheers - David

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Re. growl…

It’s there :metal:t2: but the interaction of amp sim, cabinet and tone control is vast. Iirc the 147 amp drives best but the mid tone control makes a yuge difference. Also, play with the stomp eq for a boost, you’ll be surprised.


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Hi Corky; thanks for sharing.
I think I made some progress too.
Here is a recording of the FOCUS song.

Please excuse my humble playing but I’m neither a bass, guitar nor a drum player.


So I finally pulled the trigger on B3-X to replace my ancient B4 II + TR Leslie. You sharing settings for your clips? :slight_smile:

Hello all (and sekim);

here are a few rock organ presets for the B-3X so that you can try it out yourself:

In addition there is a quick “proof of concept” of the Spooky Tooth song,

I don’t even know if I played it correctly (just as I had it in my mind).

PS: You may get a warning from the browser when downloading the zip file. My provider wants me to pay more for using a free LetsEncrypt certificate. I won’t do that.

Keep your eye on the Organ thread…something very special will happen soon. :wink:

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I just downloaded the demo for DB-33 by AIR Music Tech… on sale at KVR for $55.

Sounds pretty good to me… they have some ROCK (distorted) presets as well as the traditional Gospel settings.
I’m a guitar player but have dabbled on a real Hammond B-3, C-3… all with Leslie Cab.

Only thing I add is a little plate or spring reverb.

Anyone else play with the AIR DB-33??

I am a decades long Hammond player. Not a fan of DB-33. I’ve had it for awhile, and never use it. I suggest the $55 be invested into a more realistic Hammond plug. There are several good ones out there…VB3-II, Blue3, B5 and the above. The difference between these and DB-33 are staggering. Just the Leslie by itself in DB-33 is enough to make me puke. :nauseated_face:
There are other good free choices that are in the public domain, such as B4, and the amazing VB3 1.4, which I still use. There is also a decent “sampled” one called “Charlie” in public domain.

I am also a decades long guitarist, and knowing the mindset of other guitarists, such as yourself, it is all about the search for a perfect tone. When you find it, you will play much better, and feel like you’ve met realism. Hammond players search for the same thing. We want to hear the Leslie mechanical sounds, the overtones, the aging tonewheels, leakage, and a realistic rotary. The sounds we know from experience makes us happy, and we now have several plugs that get very close to the real deal. DB-33 is not one of them.
Just my 2 cents…




Thanks, Corky… I will take your advice and shop around.
Back in the day, I worked on some of Joey DeFrancesco’s Roland stuff, (I was certified Roland Repair Shop), and I know he didn’t like any of the clones and such. Not many plugins back then!

I will definitely look around a little better. I saw that sale and … :crazy_face:


Nice!! Yeah…shop around. I’ve been disappointed many times with Hammond clone purchases. No need to throw away good money on terrible software.

LOL, and thank you for that and saving all of us a bunch of $$$! :rofl:

Seriously though, sharing experiences here is so helpful.

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I bought every Hammond clone I could find after I sold my B3 and 122 Leslie. That included hardware modules, and keyboards. But, after being burned so many times, I demoed anything available (if available), and took chances on some after a long research period. I pretty much own everything Hammond. I would be a rich person if never bought virtual Hammonds. Sometimes one’s passion overrides sanity. :weary: