PSA: Freebies from iZotope, NI, Brainworx

Just a heads up about freebies that many of you probably already got an email for:

Of interest (to me anyway) is the Ampeg SVT which was made by Nembrini, and the “Oberhaus” which is Brainworx take on the early Oberheim synth hardware module.

Will be interested to hear thoughts on the “Oberhaus” from the resident Oberheim gurus.

iZotope’s Neutron gets a lot of use here, so I can recommend checking that one out.

I’m not fan of the NI Ethereal Earth library, but its free and to each their own.


I use the Brainworx Ampeg SVT Classic often even though I have AmpliTube 5 that has a very good Aguilar DB750 emulation that I like a lot. It’s simple and sounds good - reacts to playing dynamics well and has the SVT tone and “girth”.

I used a 1970 SVT/810 for years while playing in a trio. It only fit in a large Chrysler Town and Country hand me down car that unfortunately had a giant V8. I was spending a fortune getting it to where we were playing so I sold the amp and the car and bought an Acoustic 140 head with 106 cab (2x15") that would fit in a smaller car. I really liked that amp also.

I now play through an Eden WT400 head with a 210XLT (weights 70lbs!) and D115 (much lighter). Lately I just use the 15" cab. If I was buying a new head I would get an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500.

If you don’t have the Brainworx SVT-VR Classic you should get it now - it’s not always free.

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Thanks for the PSA!


Had a chance to use the SVT and compare it to what I’ve been using and I really like it. Nails the SVT sound as expected since its Nembrini. The controls work great to shape the sound. The two IRs are fantastic plus it can bypass them to work with an external IR loader. It sounds great with my paid 3rd party bass IRs (Ownhammer SVT cabs and Celestion Bergantino cabs) and enough different to give a wide swath of good options. Totally agree its one to get while its free. LOL, about the only downside is it looks kinda weird missing the left channel knobs…

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John Lehmkuhl at helped create many of the sounds in bx_Oberhausen which he says is the real jewel of that bundle. For users of Unify, Oberhausen has been “Unified”.


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As I’ve mentioned here on the forum, I started out with some Brainworxs amp sims and then entered the IK Multimedia universe because I purchased several Fender amp collections that filled a requirement and later finally bought the actual AmpliTube product which provided many other amp sims I needed. Last summer I bought the Nembrini DC30 even though the AmpliTube 5 AC30 emulation is very good because it “played” better. Since I’ve bought Nembrini Bogner emulation (Exstasy) which covers higher gain Fender and Marshall tones. The most recent Nembrini amp sims react more like actual amps

Been playing with the Oberhausen quite a bit today and really liking it. Hard to believe its free right now.