PS-3300 by Cherry Audio

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Cherry Audio has released PS-3300. The name is self-explanatory, so they did another vintage analog emulator.

I never liked the sound of this instrument. Personal taste, anyway.
I’ll try the demo, but think I’ll pass this time.

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Full Bucket has a PS-3300 that you might want to try out too and it’s free. (


Would be interesting to compare these.

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Demoed this last night, and I was pretty impressed, so am parting with more money for this one - luckily my librarian sales give me a small income for this purpose!

And given they only made about 50 of them, the odds of ever seeing (or being able to afford one - one recent went for $100,000) are pretty slim!


MS-20 option on filters.
Makes a big difference.



You’re right. The MS-20 filter type IS the difference :wink:


If I may be so bold… libraries for which instrument(s)? Do you have a list/site/whatever~, just to take a look at?

[ ~ Hopefully not a facebook page. I’m proudly social-free, more so if Zuckerberg is involved. :rofl: ]


Not bold at all. I do not go out of my way to advertise as I do not want too many users hassling me when I have a busy day job…

Basically you can tell what synths I own from this list. I never found librarians that work how I want, so did my own, starting with the seminal Yamaha EX5. And as an idiot who cannot sit still, making music satisfies my artistic side and making programs for music gives me an intellectual challenge outside of work (like some people like crosswords)

Novation Summit/Peak librarian currently in development, and after that, well ASM’s Hydrasynth librarian sucks…

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Huh, I read library or libraries (can’t remember), not librarian.
In my head I thought you meant sound banks, aka libraries. Shame on me! :roll_eyes:

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No worries. Librarians it is, I am afraid

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I’m trying. Unfortunately the lack of a reference with the original instrument doesn’t help. I no longer have the original Korg demo tape from the old days. And I doubt it would be playable even if I had it.

This test is therefore limited to a comparison of the two emulations.
Who owns a real PS-3300 is welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing that’s worth noting is that Cherry had unprecedented access to EMEAPP’s 3300 It’s certainly more than a front panel mockup with a bunch of guesswork behind the scenes.