Propellerhead Reason & Cantabile as VST host (loopmidi)

I have not found a way to connect Propellerhead Reason via the MIDI-instrument to a VST in Cantabile using loopmidi. In some videos there are solutions mentioned using an additional Midi-card.
Does someone know whether it is technically possible to connect Reason with Cantabile (software-only solution)?

Should be technically feasible: using a loopmidi output port within Reason should enable MIDI events to be sent from Reason through this route. Now, it’s important to actually assign the corresponding MIDI input port to one of Cantabile’s LOGICAL input ports (e.g. “Main Keyboard”) via Tools->Options->MIDI ports->Edit->Assignments.

Only if a physical (and loopmidi ports count as physical ports for Cantabile) port is actually assigned to a logical port in Cantabile, MIDI data will flow to a route.

The good thing: you can connect MULTIPLE physical ports to a logical port, so if your “Main Keyboard” port is assigned to your studio masterkeyboard, you can still also assign it to the loopmidi port - both inputs will be merged. So you can send midi data from Reason to Cantabile, and it will be like playing it from your masterkeyboard.




It is possible.Using external instrument in Reason assigned to midiloop you can direct midi signal to VST in Cantabile. I use Cantabile to host number of VST’s at any one time - guess the only limit is midi channels unless you are layering VST’s. If your sound card supports multi client Asio you can route the VST output from Cantabile back into Reason audio channels to use within Main Mixer in Reason. Cantabile proved a life saver for me when I was trying to crack this conundrum a couple of years ago. That said I currently still use v.2 because it works. Too scared to upgrade yet in case new version is configured differently so that my method no longer works. Regards Jon.

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