Progress Update on the Mac Version of Cantabile?


Hey guys,

Having recently moved from Windows to Mac, I was sad to see Cantabile was Windows only! :cry:

I searched around, and found a few updates as far back as 2016—so I know this has been in the works for at least a couple of years.

Are there any updates on the progress of the Mac version, please? I don’t expect a timeline, but as a starter for ten, is there a possibility of seeing this before 2019?

Look forward to hearing from ya’ll.



@brad has put a lot of work into this. It would definitely be interesting to know how close it is to release!



Not as close as I’d like it to be but I have been at it again for the last couple of weeks.

GuiKit was very close to working 100% on both platforms and then I went and did all that high-resolution multi-monitor work for 35xx and I’ve got a bunch of catch up work to do on mac edition again.