Program Advance filter ignores current trigger assignment in rack

I have two things going on - a foot switch operated program change via filter and a rack-state triggered program assignment.

If I use the foot switch (CC#12), it advances just fine… but if I change rack states and a different patch is called up, the next foot switch press returns from its own most recent patch and advances it one above that one, rather than one above the current patch. Is this intentional?

I only noticed because I’m using the foot switch to audition patches, then making a rack state and trigger assignment, and pressing the foot switch again to continue. So, it is working FINE for my purposes, but I’m not sure this is how it should be working.


Hi Terry,

I’m guessing a little here, but I suspect that the problem’s related to sending a program change. The controller sending the program change won’t know about the patch change in the plugin and all it can say is load program “N” - where N is the previous program that it sent plus 1.

In other words, program change events say “load this exact program number”, not “load the next program number”.

Does that make sense, or have I completely misunderstood?


That makes perfect sense and it is how I figured it was set up, to merely increment a number.

It is a little odd resetting it to the beginning, though! Is there an easy way to return it to one?

(I either had to assign the foot pedal to the “previous patch” item and hit it a bunch of times, or assign it to the “Select Program CC” item and hit it once, as I later discovered … though I still don’t quite understand what that option is all about yet.)

I’ve made great strides with Cantabile the last two days, with filters and triggers and racks already, so I’m really moving along now! :smile: