Prog God is Deep in thought?

I wonder what our ProgGod was thinking off when this picture was taken? Had he left the gas on, or forgotten something important from the shopping list? :wink:

Interview with Glass Hammer in the latest Prog Mag, that landed today in my mail. I will be enjoying a read of that with a glass of vino later on tonight…


Maybe contemplating Blue3, Vb3 II, IK Leslie…or maybe wondering if the spicy Thai chicken wasn’t a good choice before the interview.

Why wait?..I just had a shot!

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I think some type of mind control is being exerted :sunglasses:

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That happens when you are a god.

:open_mouth: I thought this was going to be about Neil :smiley:

I’m not sure I remember we were going to be in this issue! I think that’s my aloof look.