Production Voices - Mark V EP - $19 - for Sforzando

This is a new sampled Mark V EP. from Production Voices. I liked what I heard in the YouTube intro.

It says for Production Voices users can get it for $19 using code 19EV4PV

I’m not sure I’ve bought anything yet from Production Voices but I may have downloaded something they offer free.

EDIT - runs out end of day tomorrow - Sep 13th.

I downloaded Estate Grand Piano LE in the past


I don’t use Sforzando, or I would probably dish out 19 bucks just to test it out. :wink:

I have tested Sforzando for playing back Pink Floyd voice clips but haven’t used it for instruments. The first comment on YouTube was “Love this Mark V EP but why not Kontakt”. I remember someone here likes Sforzando and was recommending it as an alternative way to play clips. Is it flakey?

Just checked the website. The price is now $39.00.

Hi Tweaker,

I just bought it - when you put it in the cart it has a grey box labeled Coupon where you can paste in:


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I bought it for two reasons:

  1. Not much risk at $19
  2. I heard some interesting sounds in the YouTube demo that got me thinking I could do something new and different with it.
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I have been using mostly non sampled instruments to keep things simple. Press button assigned to song state - play instrument. Each time I change presets Electric V takes about 4 seconds to load it. I will have to investigate pre-loading to use this.

EDIT: I noticed in the YouTube demo there is no load time at all - perhaps I need to do something differently?

I can compare this to Velvet and Lounge Lizard. The Electric V sounds have more depth, perhaps sound richer is a better way to put it. I’ve only been using headphones so far, will play it through monitors tomorrow.