Problems with VB3 1.4 and Cantabile's build 3557


all of a sudden Cantabile crashes when loading the songs that use VB3 1.4 (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

Last thing I remember I did before this crashes was to update Cantabile to build 3557… ah, yes and to update the license.

I’ve tried reading the log files and the logger but I don’t see any problem and don’t know what more to do.

Anyone experimenting something similar?

thanks in advance

What version of Windows are you using?

See if this thread helps. There are many more threads that address the VB3 problem, just use the search engine to view them.

Hi @mon8169,

Are you running the x64 edition of VB3 1.4? It has known issues that affect some users and not others. As best I can tell it’s complete random and related to memory layout at the time it’s loaded.

Three suggestions:

  1. Use the x86 edition of VB3 via jBridge
  2. Upgrade to VB3 II - I haven’t had any reports of problems with it.
  3. Switch to a different plugin (eg: Blue).


I’m using Windows 10.

I did the search and found that thread, but I didn’t read it completely because I thought it was old!!

I’m not really sure because I tried a lot of things yesterday, but I’m pretty sure I tried to create a song from scratch with both, the x86 and x64 versions, with the same result… crash… will try again today.

I have VB3 II which I loaded yesterday as a replacement. No problems so far, but I still haven’t tweaked enough to make it sound as I want.

thanks for your answers

Hi Ramon.

Like @brad mentioned above, you could try to jBridge the x86 and run it in Cantabile x64. Some have had success that way. It has everything to do with VB3 developer stopping support of VB3 1.4. VB3 II is quite a different animal, so, unfortunately, it is not an updated version of 1.4. You also have the other option of reverting back from C3 3557 to an earlier version that worked with VB3. This is why many are trying other Leslie options with VB3 II, hoping to recreate the original VB3… I am staying with Win 7 and 8 as long as I can, because I know the issues with Win 10 have been many, and hoping those issues will be resolved in time.



well… I’ve checked it again and I have crashes with both versions, x86 and x64.

I have used Windows 10 the last 2 months and I’ve had absolutely no problem with it. In fact it is very stable so far.

Anyway, thanks for your interest Corky.


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Well… I now also have crashes with VB3 II !!!


This cannot be real!!!

what can I do??


Hi, VB3 II seems to be working fine over hear on B3558, on WIN10.

Have you sent Brad the crash logs?

No, I still haven’t, I will today in the evening. It happened yesterday but I was on the rehearsal room…

I will also try the experimental build 3558.

I cannot reproduce the crash !!! :flushed:


Can you remember the steps you went through in practice before the Crash?

Also, have a look in the Cantabile Log folder (go into Tools/Open Settings Folder menu, which will open it in Explorer for you), and see if there are any files dated the date and time you had the crash. Those are crash logs that Brad can use to assist in diagnosing the problem.

The problem with software is that failures, might seem random, but they are very deterministic. If you run across the same input conditions again, you will get the same crash. Which is why steps to reproduce problems (if you can find them) are so important to software developers so that the failure mode can be removed (I do a lot on software reliability on safety related systems!).

I loaded the song, was playing the song and in the middle it crashed…

Yes, thanks, I forgot the zip files!!! The one from yesterday is there!

@brad, where should I send the file?


Ramon, send it here …

FYI: I’ve just forwarded a bunch of VB3 II crash reports to Guido for investigation…

Guido is looking into these crashes. In the meantime he’s advised:

One thing that may be helpful… with the last version of VB3-II
(v.1.1.1) I have added an hidden feature that helps me understand how
the different hosts interact with the plugin.

In the settings directory created by VB3-II ( C:\Users{user
name}\AppData\Roaming\GenuineSoundware\GSi VB3 II ) there’s an xml
file called Settings.xml, if you open it with a text editor, change
the last line <SETTING ID=“log” Value=“0”/> set Value = 1, save the
file and reopen VB3-II, it will now open a secondary window with some

You could pass this information along to the user who reported the
crash, and maybe ask him whether he found an exact sequence to
replicate the conditions that led to the crash.

Just wanted to mention that the problem persists with build 3558.

And also forgott to mention that when Cantabile crashes with VB3 v1.4, it does it in a way that it doesn’t generate any crash report.

best regards

Yep, this is a problem with VB3 v1.x. Report it to Guido, or move to VB3 II.