Problems with Midi Shaper Plugin?

Hi I’ve been evaluating the Midishaper plugin.

It’s really excellent for automation, but I’ve noticed that it has been causing issues with my mod wheel.
At some point the audio will go all wonky when manipulating the modwheel. Perhaps the plugin is sending too much midi data or there is a conflict?

I’m not sure what is going on, because I really like this plugin and what it can do.

I tried out the demo a few years ago.
It’s impressive and I didn’t run into problems.
The gui’s a bit small in the mod section.
I can only suggest the basic troubleshooting tips: simplify and use Cantabile’s midi monitor everywhere.

Melda have a CC modulator in their free bundle MCCGenerator
And there’s the venerable MP3244 from Dialog Audio that is pretty flexible.

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Is the plugin also sending MOD (CC#1)? If so, it might just be the two Mod wheels problem - if you set up two MOD wheels and move one then the other, the MOD value jumps from where the first one was to where the second one now is. If you move both at once, but they’re in different positions, the CC#1 value alternates between the values of the two wheels. Wheel one sends one or more values, then wheel two does, so you get an odd modulation of the CC value, typically in the range of a few hundred Hz to a couple of kHz. It tends to sound kind of gritty.

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I didn’t realize I had MCCGenerator! Melda for the win!