Problem with sustain pedals

Hi, I have a strange behavior in Cantabile and I can not understand why.
I have 2 controllers connected via hub, Novation SLMk2 61 and Nektar LX88 + and both have a sustain pedal.
Whichever pedal I use, it acts on both controllers.
I’ve recently updated to version 3540 and certainly it worked correctly before.
Has something changed in the new version? Otherwise I just can not understand what I’m wrong …

PS: Sorry for my terrible English

I would need to see your routing to better understand the issue. Have you tried creating a new song with separate routes from each MIDI in to whatever target and then using a Cantabile’s MIDI monitor to see the detailed MIDI data?

Normally, a sustain pedal should create CC64 messages on the same MIDI port as the respective controller. The only way for a pedal connected to one controller to appear in the other’s MIDI stream would be a mess-up in the MIDI port assignments (both controllers hardware MIDI connected to the same virtual MIDI port?). Or some messed-up binding?

Good if you could send a screenshot with the routing - and maybe another with your MIDI port assignments.



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Hi Torsten,
the problem does not always present itself; it seems casual.
Last night he showed up after about twenty minutes playing.
I made screenshots when it did not work well anymore.

Well, what I am seeing is that you control your rPads rack from both keyboards, so unless you have filtered out CC64 on one of those routes, both sustain pedals will sustain your Pad sound.

What I don’t see: what does your Controller01 MIDI port (also assigned to your 88key controller) do? I don’t see any routes from it; is it maybe assigned in your Bindings section or your background rack?



Yes, Controller01 is configured in the background rack.
They are the controls for the change of state, song and start of the mediaplayer.
Although I’m still on the LX88 +, I preferred to keep them separate if I wanted to change the control mode in the future.

For the rPads rack, it’s true, I control it from both keyboards and now I understand why!!!
So I have the problem only on the songs where the same plugin is used by both keyboards.
At this point I wonder: with the current configuration, it is possible to separate things?

Keyboard 1 = piano / pad (with sustain pedal 1 only)
Keyboard 2 = pad (with sustain pedal 2 only)

I’m “…in loop” :frowning:

Not sure what you mean: if you want to play the same pad to receive and process sustain from both keyboards, then there is no way to separate this.

If you want your scenario (i.e. play a keyboard/pad layer on key1 that only reacts to sustain1 and a separate pad on key2 that only reacts to sustain2), then you’ll need TWO pad racks that can be controlled separately from your two keyboards. Simply create a copy of your first pad rack and use it as rPads2.



You are right. I make a copy of the rack and add it.