Problem with Routing Condition's in MIDI Filter Dialog

Hello Professionals

I don’t know what to do with the Routing Criteria’s on Input Filter’s

Program (only Route when program number is active)

i thougt this is like a switch… so I send Programnumber 1 to this route and it should open… but nothing happens everything is blocked.

Do I missunderstand this Filterfunction?

Please give me a little help

The problem is to create a if/then function

if Program 1 is active transpose incoming notes to specific range 1 if not…
next Routing
if Program 2 is active transpose incoming notes to specific range 2 if not…
next Routing >> to 5

I could do this also with bindings but then I need 50 bindings directly into the rack… one for every note
…all this must be routet to 16 different target channels in case of other Rackstate

so this way is a bit cluttered but should work

With Controller it works but I dont understand how to use Programchanges for switching on off ???