Problem with Quick controller keys

Using the Quick Controller is simple:
From anywhere on Cantabile’s main window, start typing a number

Hm, I think there’s a problem in the french regions :slight_smile:
We don’t have the numer row on the first line of the keyboard, so you need to use SHIFT, and when doing so, the function doesn’t work.

Really? Shift to enter numbers. Never heard of that before.

Question: what would expect it to do:

a) work when shift is pressed
b) remove the need for shift so unshifted keys work as numbers

Logged here

Really, the french have all those word alphabet signs they use :wink:
I’m flemish dough!

It would be handy if it worked by using the caps lock.
That’s how it does on my keyboard here.
But it’s no problem if it doesn’t, I’ll use an external keypad :slight_smile:

Don’t waste your time on it Brad :slight_smile: