Problem with One Small Clue Grace

I have installed the OneSmallClue Grace sampler vst and, whilst it works on other VST hosts, when I open its GUI in C3 I get the following strange message:

and then I can’t drop the samples from the browser into the “sample display” nor into the “sample map”.
Has anyone met the same problem?

I tried it and had no problems. Which build of Cantabile are you using? I also tried loading it with a media player and B-3X like you have in your screen shot (I don’t know the other plug). Are you using the 32 bit or 64 bit of Grace? I’m using 32 bit, so maybe it is a problem with 32 bit?

  • Paul

Thanks very much, Paul.
I am using the build 3647 of Cantabile and the 64bit version of Grace.
I’ll try the 32bit version.

Strangely enough the 32bit version (with JBridge) works perfectly.
I wonder whether @Brad can explain that strange message (no mention of any problem in the log.txt).
Thanks again.

I’ll have to look into it - I’ll try to get to it this week sometime.

Many thanks, Brad.

@Brad : I have tried again with Grace 64bit and now the error message is clearer (?):

Hi @carpenzano

Sorry I haven’t got to this yet… basically that error message means the plugin is crashing. (possibly Cantabile’s fault, possibly not).


Thanks @brad
I have written to the developer as well and am waiting for an answer.

Hi Giovanni,

Finally got around to taking a closer look at this. Just downloaded the latest version (x64) and loaded it into Cantabile and seems to be working fine - at least no error messages, UI appears fine.

Perhaps grab the latest version and let me know if there are still issues for you.


Hi, Brad.
I have installed the new version of C3 (3653) and what I think is the latest version of Grace 64bit ( but I get the same error message.
Thanks for your kind support.

Hi Giovanni,

Hrm… not sure what’s going on here. Where are you downloading from? I just checked my version and it’s 1.0.1 which I downloaded from a free plugin site yesterday (can’t remember which off hand). I can’t find it on the One Small Clue website anywhere - everything seems to redirect to a page for their Poise plugin.



I have the same version as Giovanni, I checked the One Small Clue website and I can’t find it either now, which is weird because I checked it a few days to make sure I had the most up to date version. I searched it on Google and Google’s cache of the page and it shows it.

Maybe they’ve discontinued it?

By the way, it works fine for me as x64 on both my windows 7 and windows 10 machine.

  • Paul

Thanks @bartok2112… grabbed v and it seems to work fine for me too.

@carpenzano… i think you’ll need take this up with One Small Clue. Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon.

I have downloaded it from OneSmallClue website before they changed it showing only the Poise vst.
I wrote to the developer almost a month ago without receiving any answer. I suppose that they have discontinued Grace and don’t support it anymore.
Anyway, I’ll continue to use the 32bit version with jBridge.
Many thanks, @Brad and @bartok2112