Problem with jumping Slider


This Jumping-Slider Problem I have only with Cantabile and Behringer Products…
Is there a solution for this Problem? (299.6 KB)


My guess is this is some kind of MIDI feedback loop between Cantabile and the external device where Cantabile is sending it MIDI and the device is sending back a change notification via MIDI but… the MIDI values aren’t mapping to the same ranges so they’re fighting against each other.

Can you run some tests to check that when you send MIDI CC 7 to MR 18 with a particular value, you get back the same value.


The values are the same…

(only to Test) … the same Jump-Problem exists if I go this way:

MR18_Input >> MR18_output (without anything (like slider) linked in cantabile)

Cheers Jürgen


So if MR 18 is sending and receiving the same CC value then internally it must be mapping them differently, or there’s something else causing the jumping (some weird interaction between the device and that on-screen display perhaps). I think this is a question for Behringer… not sure what Cantabile can do about it.



Also I have linked both with Bome Midi Translator…

here I only sometimes have a small peak when I move the slider very fast but no jumps.

I will test what happens when latching the midistream… maybe this helps