Problem with icons

Hi there!
I have a problem with icons not showing up since version 3665:

To the right of the rack faders three icons are missing. Even if i change to light theme they are not visible.
I am using a custom resource folder with a custom theme that i wanted to replace with the original one, so i copied the original theme file to the resource folder. Nothing changed. Even when i am starting cantabile with complete new settings it does not show the icons.
Any ideas?

Greetings, Tom

Tom, I may be wrong, but have you tried sliding your meters to the right, creating more room for the icons. I have to slide the set list box to a smaller size to see everything. Just an idea. 3665 works fine here.

If you right click the blank button and choose the Customize selection are the old icons in the dialog box or is it empty?

It is empty…

OK, that’s weird…Can you post one of the rack files that is doing this or if they are embedded, the song file so I can look at the code?

Thats also happening for new created racks, but media player works fine… i am confused.

Akkordeon 1.cantabileRack (131.7 KB)

I checked the file and there is no entry for custom buttons in it which explains no button icons but not how the rack got this way. When it had icons, what were they, how long were the racks OK and do you have other backups of your rack files around to check the current ones with?

It happened directly after installing latest stable cantabile version.
I am wondering if it has something to do with the racks, because even a new created rack doesn’t show the buttons… At least that should work or am I wrong?
I will have a look if I can find some old versions.
I think it might have to do with eliminating my custom theme? Since the new version I used a custom theme file, but I deleted that now and switched back to the default one…

The way it works as far as I know is that they are blank until you add either an emoji or text. Then for them to be remembered with the rack it must be saved because the custom buttons for the rack is saved in the rack file i.e…

SnapShot 43

It is the same for every new rack you make, once made and saved it should not disappear.

Not sure what exactly you are talking about: are you missing the three dials that are available on plugins and media players (marked red below)?

Racks simply don’t have these three dials - they never had them. Before, the space to the right of the faders was blank for racks, until they recently got three customizable buttons (marked blue) that you can assign in your rack via bindings, as @dave_dore illustrated above.

So to clarify: are you missing the three dials (red marking)? These were never there for racks, so they didn’t really get lost.

Or did you make custom button assignments in your racks that suddenly aren’t there anymore? As @dave_dore wrote, the rack file you posted doesn’t have any custom buttons assigned, so the buttons are supposed to be blank.

I suspect this is a misunderstanding around the three dials for dry/wet, pan and front/back - am I right?

That’s it! I was so long away from cantabile that I just couldn’t remember :see_no_evil:
But these three “buttons”, they are relatively new for racks?
Seems I have to do a little research for all new stuff since my last update one year ago…
Anyways, thx guys for your help! Much appreciating!

Greetings, Tom (owner of the dumbness award this week)

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Build 3644 (Experimental)

Released: 7 April, 2020

Glad it’s sorted



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7. April, that was 2 months after my last update… :expressionless: