Problem With Copy-Paste


Hi Brad,

I have a broblem with copy and paste bigger Blocks of bindings

In this case I copyed all Bindings from another Rack into a new Rack and here they dont work…

You can see binding …

Binding 1. — is a Copy with no reaction
Binding 2. — same Binding but no Copy works! see Indicator

(i have to say the copy was in the same Motherrack)
the Tree is

… Lightrack
… … …(embedded1,2,3,4,5,6,7…

Cheers Jürgen

Hi @Juergen,

I just did some quick tests here and copy/pasted bindings seem to work fine. Some questions:

  1. Does the binding work after saving and reloading the song/rack
  2. What are the routing modes (see right click menu) on each of the binding 1 and binding 2?


Hi @brad ,

  1. Tested again and after closing and restart the bindings work
    (but not directly after copy/paste)

  2. Routing mode = continue


Hi Juergen,

What build are you running?


@brad 3589 :sunglasses:…everytime the newest :smiley:

Hrm… ok. I’ll have another look at it.


at the Moment…I’am {only} Hobby-Keyboarder without Gig´s …So it’s not a problem

Jürgen :wink:

Hi Juergen,

I’ve been trying to reproduce this again, but still no luck. Can you email me a copy of the rack and it’s containing song. Also, perhaps a video of you copy/pasting the binding and showing it not working - perhaps there’s something about how you’re doing it that triggers the problem.


After reorganizing the rack… copy paste is working.

in my older Rack i get the Midi Input from Rack-Top-Panel Routing >> ‘Input Ports’ to the embedded Racks

(maybe there is something going wrong with the rack connection to the input with >> copy paste)

Now I go the way Midi Input to Embedded Racks with Bindings - Page ---->( copy paste works fine)