Problem triggering 'bypass off' if the plugin is bypassed on song/state load

I finally managed to isolate a problem that I have in a couple of setups.

Let’s say I have a plugin that is bypassed on song load and the bypass is controlled by a binding triggered by a Controller(Switch) event. My MIDI controller (Lemur in this case) is setup to send 127 as first value.
However, I need to press three times the button in Lemur to activate the plugin, as when I press it the first two times (on and off) nothing happens.
I made a test song with the opposite situation, 1 plugin active on song load, saved my controller to send 0 as first value, and the event correctly bypasses the plugin immediately on the first trigger.

In this project I many plugins that are bypassed by default, and it’s tricky to remember to first activate and bypass them (via the controller, nothing happens in C3) in order to have the bypass working properly.

Am I missing something obvious? I can’t find a solution for this.


Ok, problem (sort of) solved! In my controller I had the on/off values inverted as on=0, off=127 and normal in C3. As some software cannot invert the values, for bypasses I often invert the values on the controller side. Now I set the controller to send on=127 and off=0 and inverted the value in Cantabile and everything worked right away.