Problem copy/paste (3511 )

multiple selection with Strg. + Mouse is not available
so it is not possible to mark several elements at the same time for copy/paste

what is “Strg.”?

You can multiple select in the main routing panel with Ctrl + click on the little grabber handle:


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I think he is talking DOS command Strings like Ctrl + C …etc

Ok …thanks Brad …perfect

Strg. is same than Ctrl. (sorry not translatet , it is only german keyboard-labeling/layout)

Nothing to do with DOS - STeueRunG equals ConTRoL :slight_smile: - at least on German keyboards…

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An when will I be able to set the color of multiple items selected like this in one go? Please???

Thanks for that Torsten, I was taking a guess! :grinning: and +1 on color selection!


Thanks for the clarification Torsten…I thought Dave Dore had become a code talker, and I was genuinely impressed.:rofl:

+2 on color selection as well

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No, just an old wind bag here … lol

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OK. Logged here: Trello