Problem changing Rack States

I have two racks (duplicates - one is a Symbolic Link) to which I’m sending a MIDI switch for up/down State.

Only one of the racks changes, though I can see that both racks receive the MIDI controller.

I was hoping to increment/decrement the State in both racks, such that one may be on State 5 and the other on State 15, then with a click I get them to 6 and 16 simultaneously.

Maybe a slight delay between the two, sends to allow processing? Or, it may be that the last cc wins?

Not aware I could set a delay, but I’ll take a look.

Thanks for the idea.

I’m not finding any way to set a delay between sending the controllers.

I want both racks to accept MIDI CC84 to go to previous State and CC85 to go to next State. At the moment it’s pretty random as to which rack changes.

I think I’ll abandon this and just use a couple of finger pads on my controller to up/down each Rack separately…

Wait, I just re-read the OP. A Symbolic Link is just a pointer to the same physical rack. You really only have one Rack. You can not have a two different states on one Rack. You could have the same Rack, but you would have to make a Physical copy, not a Symbolic Link.

I’m not trying to have two States in one Rack. The two Racks are completely separate, even though I’m using Symbolic Links, and they can be set to different States. I do this all the time and it works fine. Almost all my Songs use this method.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the problem I’m seeing here. I think we’re in red herring land! :grinning:

What I’m trying to do is change two Rack States from one pedal switch. One Rack does change, but the other gets locked out until the State change to the first is completed. That’s the nub of the problem. As long as I don’t try to issue both Rack State changes at once everything is fine - which is the method I’ve decided to use instead.

You can set a delay with the Binding (I’m assuming you’re using a Binding in the Rack to change the Patch). You can set Before, After, and Block other operation until complete.

Does the Symbolic Link point to a different Rack than the other Rack? The way I read it the Symbolic Link pointed to the same Rack.

The Symbolic Link points to the same Rack - that’s what they do, or it wouldn’t be a Symbolic Link. Honestly, this aspect really doesn’t have any bearing on this - I promise!

But where do I set this delay? I can’t see it!

Hi The_Elf,

Delays are easy to set if you use triggers so a series of bindings like this will do the trick …

You adjust the delay to a value that does the job. I have had to set some longer ones for some things but mostly shorter (under a hundred mSecs). It’s the way to set delays that I know works but you have to manage the trigger numbers so you don’t get any conflicts. I usually pick a different number for each trigger chain I might set off in a session so not too many to manage. Of course my examples are generic in nature.


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Yes, that does the job! By re-mapping the controller I can decide whether each Rack responds immediately, using CC84/85, or by using CC86/87 goes via a Trigger and picks up a delay. Works really well!

Thanks to both of you. I’m indebted to you for taking the time and trouble to help.


Dave’s always good with the screen shot. I never seem to have everything around when I need it.

BTW, I’ve been thinking through the Symbolic Link idea. I haven’t used them with Cantabile. it hadn’t occurred to me that a separate instantiation of the Rack would be made. Duh! I was thinking at the file level and not the process level.

Glad it works.

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No problem. I appreciate the help.

Using Symbolic Links absolutely MADE Cantabile for me. Not being able to use multiple copies of a Linked Rack was a devastating blow until I was made aware of this option.

Except good answers and help for others …