Problem between cantabile states and Modx8 Quick setup

Bonjour la communauté, et désole pour mon anglais, j’ai un souci dont je ne trouve pas la solution, entre le modx8 et cantabile, quand je lance une song qui comprend des “states”, sans savoir pourquoi, le modx bascule dans l’onglet “quick setup” du mode 1, " pour moi renommer en “spectacle” vers le mode “stand alone”. Le problème que cela engendre, et que le mode “spectacle” est configuré pour que les changements de scene soit sur 92, et que le mode “stand alone” n’a rien, et ne peut pas être modifier. Alors quand j’attends que mes “scenes” du modx changent sur le CC92, elle ne le peuvent pas, a cause du problème dans le “quick setup” qui bascule tout seul, quelqu’un peut m’aider, je pense qu’il y a quelques choses a désactiver dans “states” mais je ne sais pas quoi, merci beaucoup.

In english
Hello community, and sorry for my English, I have a problem for which I cannot find the solution, between modx8 and cantabile, when I launch a song which includes “states”, without knowing why, the modx switches to the “quick setup” tab of mode 1, "for me rename it to “show” to “stand alone” mode. The problem that this causes, and that the “show” mode is configured so that scene changes are on 92 , and that the “stand alone” mode has nothing, and cannot be modified. So when I wait for my modx “scenes” to change on the CC92, they cannot, because of the problem in the “quick setup” which switches by itself, someone can help me, I think there are some things to deactivate in “states” but I don’t know what, thank you very much!

Hi Cathelot and Welcome to the Forum!!

Could you post a screen shot of the bindings and routes that are related to the MODX. It sounds like extra messages besides your CC92 message are being sent when you load the rack state so looking at that first will help us see what the connections are.



Hello, thank you for welcoming me to this community, which I have been following since 2017, the date of purchase of my first cantabile license, but it’s true, I have never posted. So here is the “Africa” example, where I encounter the problem, without understanding it.

My configuration on this song is: 3 states for 2 scenes, and each scene has a dedicated rack, and in “blinding”, I trigger the rack I want per scene!

Thank you very much for your help


creation of two racks for three states, but two scenes in MODX8

inside a rack

Hi Cathelot,

It all looks good in the pictures. You could place a MIDI monitor on the output route from the rack that goes to the MOX8 and see what it is putting out when you change states. Just trying to track down if there is an unwanted message is being sent from Cantabile with the MIDI monitor.


thank you for looking at my images, I will try to understand how to install a “midi monitor”

locate the MIDI output route of the rack in question and right click and select the MIDI monitor. It should bring up a monitor window for the route. Then execute the state changes and watch the monitor for results. Post result if you can.

Thank you very much for the “midi monitor” information, I will look at it closely, and I will come back with my results, as quickly as possible.

Great, I have been reading up on the MOX8 and was wondering. You have a Song On Load binding in the pictures at the song level. It says it’s for setting the Live Set. Does that work in songs without states? Just making sure I get it all. :slight_smile:

Yes, in fact the “on load” allows me to fetch, directly, at the opening of the song, a sound bank that I have predefined in a mode called “live set” on the modx8, it’s is an easier bank to access because it is visual, and not at the bottom of the keyboard, hidden among the thousands of sounds. That said, for the moment I have not yet managed to find the problem, and what triggers it, and at what moment, precisely when “on load” it modifies the quick setup of the keyboard, so I continue to search, I have to find it, because I don’t want to be a spectacle, having to check everyone. time, thanks for your help :grinning: