Prevent overwriting values through presets?

Hey people,

a simple question and you might have a simple answer.
I have four potentiometers on my midi-controller. I want to control basic parameters of my organ-plugin like volume, keyclick, drive, etc. I want to use presets.
So, those potentiometers send absolute values though are not encoders. If I now switch from one preset to another, the settings for volume, etc. change inside the plugin. Can I somehow prevent that? I want to somehow “exclude” some parameters being changed through a preset.
Also: Can I somehow “lock” presets or this something that can only be done with locked states?


I tested a bit and the only solution I came up with was saving the different presets not as “presets” but as states with all parameters checked in the state behavior panel, except those that are controlled by the potentiometer, and after that lock the states.

But it seems quite cumbersome… wouldn’t it be better, having such kind of thing on preset-level? Not sure if that might conflict with the preset-management of some plugins.