Presonus faderport with C3

HI everyone. Recently I bought a presonus faderport to use for automations and with cubase. I would like to know if anyone is using it with C3. If yes, please let me know how to set it up for C3. Mainly i would like to use it to control the media player and the main volume with the fader. Thank you!

Hi Zoli,

You first need to create MIDI input and output ports in the Tools>Options>MIDI Ports for your faderport. Then you could put the bindings for the Main volume and Transport buttons in the Background Rack using the “Learn” function when adding each button binding. Make sure you set the targets for the bindings to the correct Transport functions in Cantabile. That’s the fast explanation.


Hi Dave! I did create the input only, because i would like to control C3 from the faderport. But when I am creating a binding, using the learn function, I get always the same 3 midi data to choose from, doesn’t matter which button I press on the presonus faderport. In cubase I had to add some mackie control stuff to be able to use the device. Probably there is something more to get this device to work with C3. I am not an expert but with other midi device there were no problems to bind.