Presonus audio interface (need 2 stereo outs for clicks)

Hi all!

I bought a Presonus 2/6 audio interface, ultimately for use with performing live. My requirements were two main outs, and another stereo pair to serve the click tracks.
So I bought the Presonus 2/6 interface - as it had the 2 outs, and 2 line outs. I (perhaps stupidly), believed that both pairs of outs would appear, ready for me to route. But nope!!

The Presonus is showing up as the audio engine, but 2 separate instances (main outs OR line outs, not both).

So my question is, have I bought the wrong interface? Am I misunderstanding what line outs are?

I LOVE the unit, it’s cheap, solid and performs well, but just doesn’t give me 2 extra outs I require…

Any guidance would be so appreciated!


Can you post a screen shot of the 2/6 audio ports that the adapter presents to Cantabile? I don’t understand what you are seeing in the audio ports setup in options.

Hopefully you can see the screenshot. At the bottom it states the WASAPI Out - Main out 1+2 only.

Thanks, but are there any other choices in the check box list that is shown when editing the port or just these Ch1 and Ch.2 choices?

Yeh, just the 2 channels show up

Thanks Andy, I helped another fellow with this on the same box a year or so ago but can’t recall the details. Will dig around our PM’s and see what we discussed about back then.


Thank you Dave. I truly appreciate the help.
I’ll also have a dig around on here to see if I can find that thread.

Hey Andy, I think it was a PM thread, but I might ask now since it came to me, are there ports being reported among the audio port setup checkboxes that are named Line 3/4? I remember it from before …

Ah ok…
Well Line 3/4 only shows up when I want to change my audio interface. I can choose main out 1+2 OR line out 3/4… which is strange.

This is the only time that output ports 3/4 are shown… (the other drivers showing up are old)

Can you run ASIO driver? (Studio USB ASIO Driver, not sure but I think it’s the right one, if not try AudioBox ASIO Driver) then the 2 stereo pairs will be available for routing in C3 I think.

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Fantastic! Yes, it was your first suggestion (Studio USB ASIO Driver). Now I have both sets of outputs showing up in C3. Thanks Dave!!!

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