Presets for Filters

Would anyone else find it useful to be able to name and save Filter configurations?


Yes, I would. There are a couple of MIDI filter configurations I very commonly use in many racks and songs, and being able to select it from a list or load it in from a file or suchlike would be really handy. This is something I’ve considered posting a suggestion/request for, but you beat me to it, Ade :smile:

What I currently do is copy/paste a route from another song/rack that has the desired filter configuration, which works but it’s a bit laborious. But this approach doesn’t work if you already have a route set up with state behaviour you don’t want to have to recreate.

Incidentally, another way to do it (in Cantabile Performer) is to create a rack that just has a route from Rack MIDI In to Rack MIDI Out, with your chosen filter settings. Then insert the rack in your routing to re-use that filter configuration in different songs (or as an embedded rack for use in racks). In fact you could set up multiple filtered routes inside the rack, and select between them using rack states, making it a multi-purpose re-usable MIDI filter rack, with named states like “Suppress aftertouch”, “Suppress all controllers” or whatever you need. A filter preset would essentially be a rack state, so you already have functionality for copying, renaming presets, saving to disk, switching filter presets mid-song using song states and so on. And the filter preset name would appear in your song routing view, rather than being hidden away in the filter dialog box.

This is the kind of thing I love about racks in Cantabile - bundling up re-usable functionality to make your life simpler. There’s loads of useful stuff you can do with racks without even putting any plugins in :smile:



Interesting idea. I’m thinking just the ability to export a selected set of MIDI filters and then re-import them. Probably easy to implement to but logged it for now.

TIP: if you’re using a rack exclusively for MIDI processing, you can remove the audio input and output ports to save a little horsepower.


@brad - Build 3205 - thank you! Very useful :ok_hand: