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Hi All,

I have another topic that has come up before but I would like some current feedback on it if anyone cares to post. I am an old school programmer not sure how hard this so I defer to those folks who are more well versed in this case for some input. Early on in the C3 run I thought that the addition of the linked racks was a game changer for me. It allowed the quick song changes I needed for it to work. The drawback for me was for this to happen the GUI and it’s presets were not visible at song level anymore and they had no correlation to the linked rack preset slots until you painstakingly programmed them. My question is can this entire process be done with a macro routine that once you loaded a plugin into a new linked rack it could

  • copy all the plugins bank of presets with names to the C3 snapshot system and populate it’s snapshot slots

  • copy all the newly loaded presets in the snapshot GUI to the Rack states so they are available as preset selections with names that are synced from the song level hamburger menu on the rack slot.

Is this a do-able thing? Thanks for any and all input …



Hey Dave,

This sounds like what you really want is not a linked rack, but more like a “linked plugin” - ie: like a linked rack in the way it would be re-used across songs, but just the plugin and the plugins presets exposed to the containing song.


Yes, exactly, a “Linked Plugin” this is an entirely a new idea to me and it sounds kinda cool. In this post I was really just gauging the difficulty of such a macro from better programmers than me and I now have a feeling it would be a no go or at least a big undertaking because of the preset name exposure differences between plugins you talked about in my other post. Thanks for your input!


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What would help me is some sort of automatic/macro conversion of a Cantabile bank of presets of a certain plugin to a linked rack with states with exactly the same names as the presets. Is this what you mean Dave? This would save a lot of copy and pasting, which I am doing now. So if that’s what you mean, I’d be a customer.

As indicated earlier, I would also be a big fan of having the Cantabile banks / and or linked racks available in other hosts. I have spent a lot of time selecting favorites from the many plugins I have and put them in Cantabile banks and racks. Would love to have them available in a DAW.


Exactly …

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